The Magnificence of Eastern Australian Black Truffles

To a chef, black truffles are the equivalent of an epic vista, and more. They are the fuel of inspiration, igniting the imagination not only to what is possible, but also to what has not yet been done. And yet there is more. What is a canvas and potential without paints to convey the vision. Here too, the humble black truffle outperforms all other ingredients. Somehow this highly aromatic, almost ugly flavour enhancer both contradicts and exceeds its looks. Ultimately of course, to appreciate the magnificence of this exceptional and extraordinarily enhancing ingredient, you have to try it. It must be experienced to be savoured. Both chefs and diners understand that black truffles are an adventure and a pursuit of this delicacy is worthy of the effort required! If you have a question, or would like to learn more, complete the Request Contact Form or call 0497 783 053 to speak to an authority on the subject of black truffles.

Our goals are to:

  • Make known the availability, unique flavour and distinct advantages of our rich dark black truffles
  • Deliver a product of consistent standards from all Cooperative members
  • Meet the needs and satisfy the desires of talented and creative chefs nationwide for quality black truffles, and
  • Provide opportunity for those members of the public, who through cultured palate or perhaps exposure to European food, have developed a desire to incorporate this gem of taste, fragrance and zest into their home culinary masterpieces.
Our site contains great black truffle recipes, information on our black truffle growers and an online store where you can buy black truffles in 3 different grades. We cater to high end Chefs, resellers and the budding home cook with the aim at equipping our customers with the very best in quality Australian produced black truffle.



You can purchase your adventure online and receive your truffles packed for longevity and pleasure. When you open the package, the aroma will wash over you and embrace you, and inspire you to action.

EAT Truffle kindly appreciates the assistance provided by Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration in the form of a grant to make this Co-operative and website possible.