black truffle recipes

Risotto with Black Truffle

There is nothing quite like a creamy yet savoury rice dish. This dish will require some TLC but it is more than worth it! You can use regular milk or cream and it will still taste like heaven. Remember to serve and eat it fast so it doesn’t cool down,

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Tagliatelle and Black Truffle Cream Sauce

What can taste better than a high quality pasta in a rich creamy sauce? Do it like that but add some Black Truffle into the mix for a deep and powerful flavour which will win over the most picky eaters you serve it to! This is the type of dish

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Truffle Butter

Truffle butter is an upgrade to standard butter which makes it all the more interesting! The true Black Truffle lovers will find this a mouth watering addition to all types of food. Spread on your favourite bread, add to a cooked steak, your favourite pasta, lightly boiled carrots or steamed baby

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Truffled Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs is an old Aussie Favourite! Its a simple food which can be eaten any time or day and is often relied upon for a strong intake of protein in the diet. However it can become boring and bland. Making Truffled Scrambled Eggs is a great answer to that

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