At EAT Truffle we cater to truffle lovers far and wide.

No matter if you are buying a small sample to make a home cooked meal taste like it came from a restaurant or if you are buying in bulk on behalf of a restaurant we are only too happy to supply you with as much of our Australian Grown Black Truffle as you need. We also deal with distributors across Australian major cities who like to supply their own clients with high quality truffle as well.


Xtra Class Black Truffle


Truffle in this class are quite rare indeed. Extra class truffles are of the highest quality for both consumption and presentation, are whole with a roundish shape free from crevices and defects, with the exception of a small graders cut to allow buyers to view the gleba, (flesh). The are mature, have the characteristic aroma and colour, a black gleba with well defined white marbling and firm to the touch.

1st Class Black Truffle


Truffle in this class are whole or cut pieces, the cut being required to remove any defect or damage and to present a more attractive truffle. They are of irregular shapes and sizes and may have crevices and minor surface imperfections. They will be mature withgood aroma, well defined marbling and black gleba (flesh) and firm to the touch.

2nd Class Black Truffle


Truffle in this class will be mainly pieces or whole truffle that may contain surface imperfections, not be sufficiently mature with a grey gleba (flesh0, but will have some aroma and be firm to the tourch. They do not qualify for the above classes, however are suitable for infusions and products.